Month: December 2017

12 Tips to Keep Your Garden Fresh – My Passion!

12 Tips to Keep Your Garden Fresh – My Passion!

To start off of the journey of this site, the first tip I’d like to share is relating to gardening. Its one of my passion and the weather currently is so awesome that I’d like share some of my little wisdom with you guys!

With the arrival of good weather, the presence of your garden becomes especially important. The sun and the heat favor that you spend more time on the outside to enjoy the pleasant temperatures and, in case you have a pool, to cool off. The gardening works are, therefore, fundamental at this time of year. Below, we offer you a series of tips to make your green space look perfect.

First, it is very important to control the weeds that appear in the vegetation zones. These are harmful species that can drown the plants and cause the garden to look disheveled. Also, they can serve as home to insects and fungi. Hoes and fungicides are your allies to eliminate weeds.

About this matter is the control of pests. To prevent insect populations from growing out of control, it is necessary to use phytosanitary products, which will protect plants against harmful animals and diseases. Pruning is another essential task that must be done to maintain a garden in optimal conditions. However, this task has to be executed correctly so that the effect is the desired one.

You also have to pay attention to the direction of the plants. And is that, when they grow a lot, tend to tend to lean by the wind. Holding them with sticks and ropes will prevent them from becoming deformed. For a proper maintenance of the garden, it is essential to scarify the lawn. What does it mean? It is a technique that consists of removing the earth to be aerated.

Thus, grass weeds that are on the surface are removed with a rake or scarifier, which can be manual or electric. This process must be done at least once a year. With these simple tips, your garden will look perfect to enjoy the excellent weather.

Keep Your Garden Fresh – The Right Way!

Keeping your garden green and clean is not an easy task. You have to deal with weather changes, pests and weeds at all times. What is the primary care for the garden? Continue reading to find out.

12 Tips for the care of the garden

1. Get the right tools
The first and most important thing to do to keep your garden in good condition is to acquire the right tools, such as shovels, rakes, and mowers.

2. Water at the right time
Water your garden early in the morning to reduce evaporation and prevent fungus.

3. Obtain the correct fertilizers
Depending on the texture of the soil, it is necessary to use the right fertilizers to keep your plants green all the time.

4. Always use mulch
The mulch is placed on the ground to reduce erosion, conserve moisture and reduce weeds. Therefore, use mulch on a regular basis to reap the benefits.

5. Sow seasonal plants
The seasonal plants maintain their green and blooming garden for most of the year. Plant them at the right time, and you will have a green garden all year round.

6. Eliminate the weed
Removing weeds is one of the most critical parts of the garden. Whenever you have free time, go to your garden and eliminate the weeds.

7. Sow evergreen shrubs
This will help maintain a part of your green garden regardless of the season.

8. Plant new crops
After harvest, plant new crops. This will give you less time and space for weeds to grow and also keeps your garden full and productive.

9. Do not over water
Your plants need water, but giving them an excessive amount of water will make them yellow.

10. Use manure
The manure comes from animal and vegetable waste. Use it as much as you can, as it helps increase the fertility of your soil.

11. Can not do it if it’s not necessary
Some plants, trees, and shrubs do not need to be often pruned. You just have to cut a couple of times.

12. Identify the type of soil
Identifying the type of soil in your garden helps you know how many times you have to water it and fertilize it.

Here are some garden care tips that might be useful to help you keep your garden green, fresh and flourishing. Take advantage of your garden to grow flowers, fruits, herbs, etc.